Macao Information Reference Enquiry Service

Macao Information Reference Enquiry Service

Established in 1986, Macao Collection Room in the Macao Central Library primarily serves to search, organise, preserve and make available government and civil documents about Macao preserve historical records about the Portuguese in the Far East, and conserves Macao publications. Its objective is to demonstrate the local features of Macao through its documents, hence enabling the public to acknowledge the city’s past. As well as providing an enquiry service for its residents and researchers,  relevant activities are initiated.

To better carry out its duties, Macao Central Library has specially presented the ‘Macao Information Reference Enquiry Service’ for readers to search documents and information. The task will be completed in five working days in order to allow readers’ earliest access to the materials they need. Readers can also find Macao information reference enquiry records on the website of Macao Public Library.

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