“Book for Book” Activity

Date:2024/03/09 - 03/10


Venue:(3/9) Leisure Area at Edf. Lok Yeung Fa Yuen in Fai Chi Kei ; (3/10) Iao Hon Market Park

Fee:Participation in the activity is free

Form:On a “One-for-One” basis

Enquiries:Macao Central Library 2856 7576 / Taipa Library 2884 3105 (Service hours of counters)

“City of Reading” Activity Series —“Book for Book”Activity

With the aim of enhancing the promotion of reading in the community and conveying the concept of “enriching life through reading”, the Public Library of the Cultural Affairs Bureau will launch numerous reading activities in the community. Among them, the“Book for Book”activity of the“City of Reading” Activity Series, to be held for the first time on 9 and 10 March 2024, will roll out a book swap activity in the local community in the form of“swapping one book for another”, to increase the circulation of reading resources in the community and support the building of the "City of Reading".

The“Book for Book” activity allows for the swap of books on a“one-for-one”basis. Residents interested in taking part in this activity simply need to bring along books that fulfil the exchange criteria, and hand them over to the staff at the venue. In return, they may select their favourite books there and redeem the same number of books. Participation in the activity is free.



2024/03/09  (Saturday) Leisure Area at Edf. Lok Yeung Fa Yuen in Fai Chi Kei

2024/03/10  (Sunday)   Iao Hon Market Park


Enquiries:Macao Central Library 2856 7576 / Taipa Library 2884 3105  (Service hours of counters) 

Rules for the “Book for Book” activity of the Public Library of the Cultural Affair Bureau

In order to effectively handle the books collected for the“Book for Book”activity, the following rules has been formulated:

  • The books collected will not be accepted for the“Book for Book”activity in the following circumstances:
  1. Books that are lack of timely information or provide no academic or reference value. For example, magazines, booklets, obsolete books (published more than 10 years ago), further studies guides, textbooks, event pamphlets, cloth books for infants and toddlers, non-local yearbooks, law books and exam preparation materials;
  2. Science and technology books that were published more than five years ago;
  3. Computer books that were published more than three years ago;
  4. Travel guides that were published more than two years ago;
  5. Pirated books or those that are in violation of copyright laws;
  6. Religious books that have a proselytizing nature;
  7. Books with indecent or violent content;
  8. Books that are worn out;
  9. Book collections that are incomplete;
  10. Books that are poorly bound, or with shedding or missing book pages;
  11. Books that are defaced;
  12. Copies of the books are limited to 5 volumes.
  • Participants are required to comply with the rules for the “Book for Book” activity.
  • Participants are required to attend the “Book for Book” activity in person at the designated location (postal delivery will not be accepted).
  • Books may not be removed from the exhibition tables.
  • Each resident may exchange up to 20 books (pieces) during the activity.
  • By swapping the books, the participants are deemed to have participated in the activity and relinquished their rights to the items concerned, and agreed to authorise the Department of Public Library Management to dispose of the aforementioned books.
  • The Department of Public Library Management reserves the right of final disposal of the book and materials collected for the “Book for Book” activity, including distribution to libraries, transfer, elimination or other disposal methods.
  • In case of any matters uncovered herein, the Department of Public Library Management reserves the right to amend them and update the version in good time.


The Cultural Affairs Bureau reserves the right of final interpretation and decision in relation to this activity.