General Notes

  1. School bags, backpacks, luggage and other bags should be stored in the lockers at the entrance of the library or in designated area.
  2. Unless authorised by the library director, children aged below 6 should enter the library with their parents.
  3. Reservation for group visits must be made in advance.
  4. Keep quiet in the library; do not play, run, talk loudly or disturb others.
  5. No smoking, drinking, eating or sleeping.
  6. Animals and dangerous goods are prohibited.
  7. Keep the environment clean and take care of library facilities and book materials. The reader shall be liable to compensate for the full cost of defaced and damaged library items.
  8. Do not sit on the tables or move the chairs and tables in the reading room.
  9. Readers are responsible for safeguarding their own valuables.
  10. Telephone calls are not permitted in the reading room (area).
  11. The library is intended for reading and study use only, no other purposes are allowed.
  12. Readers should observe other supplementary rules established by the library director.
  13. If the individual violates the rules and does not comply with staff direction, s/he will be asked to leave the premise.

Use of Library Card and Password

  1. There will be a personal password for each library card issued by the Macao Public Library. Readers can access the website of Macao Public Library with the password to check their personal information, change password, check account status, reserve books, check fine records, leave comments, reply to comments, renew library materials, etc.  
  2. The password shall not be disclosed to or used by others. The offender shall bear sole responsibility for the consequences.
  3. The library card can only be used by its holder in Macao Public Library branches.
  4. With a valid library card, readers can borrow books and audiovisual materials in the Macao Public Library. However, rare books, reference books, periodicals, valuable texts and special collections can only be read in library.
  5. In the event of change of personal information or loss of library card, please contact library staff immediately.
  6. The validity of library cards for general readers (local residents) is 10 years, while that for children (local residents) is 5 years. Residents aged 60 or above are eligible to apply or renew the library card with permanent validity. The validity of temporary library cards (non-local residents) is the same as the validity period of stay in Macao of the applicant.



Notes on Using Breastfeeding Room

  1. The room is reserved for breastfeeding and baby nursing only.
  2. Upon entering the room, please place the “IN USE” sign on the door. Please remove all personal items and notify the library staff upon leaving.
  3. The room is equipped with facilities such as an emergency bell, chairs, a small table, a refrigerator, a wash basin, hand sanitizers, paper towels, a covered waste bin, a power socket, etc.. Please keep the room clean, use the facilities properly and put them back in their original place for the convenience of other users.
  4. The refrigerator should only be used for storing breast milk and baby food. Please make sure no belongings are left behind upon leaving. The library reserves the right to discard, without notification, any unclaimed items stored in the refrigerator at library closing time.

 Guidelines on Photography and Video/Film Shooting in Macao Public Library

  1. Photos may be taken on the condition that there is no infringement on the rights of others or impact on the reading atmosphere.
  2. Laws protecting the right of portrait and the right to privacy shall be observed.
  3. The use of camera flashes, tripods, selfie sticks or other auxiliary equipments is prohibited.
  4. No filming in Senado Library and the ‘Chinese Ancient Books Chamber’ at Sir Robert Ho Tung Library.
  5. No audiovisual recording shall be conducted unless approved by the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Loan and Return Services

Loan Rules

  1. Readers who have applied for library cards of the Macao Public Library can borrow books in any of its branches. Audiovisual materials are available for borrowing in the Macao Central Library, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Patane Library, Ilha Verde Library, Taipa Library, Wong Ieng Kuan Library in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Municipal Park, Wong Ieng Kuan Library in Areia Preta Urban Park, Wong Ieng Kuan Children's Library in Areia Preta Urban Park, Library in Ho Yin Garden, S. Lourenço Library and Seac Pai Van Library.
  2. Readers must borrow library materials in person.
  3. Readers are allowed to borrow a maximum of five library items, with a loan period of 15 days calculated from the date of borrowing. Loan items may be renewed once prior to the due date either through the internet or in person at any branches.
  4. Please check and confirm the library materials are in good condition before borrowing, readers should notify the library staff in the event of damage.
  5. Rare books, special collections, reference books and library materials undergoing categorising process will not be available for checkout.
  6. The library reserves the right to recall any checked-out materials if necessary.

Renewal Rules

  1. Library items can be renewed once prior to the due date with an extension of 15 days calculated from the date of renewal.
  2. Items cannot be renewed under the following conditions:
  • the library item need to be renewed is overdue.
  • the item renewal is being requested a second time.
  • an outstanding fine in the reader account.
  • the library item is damaged and needs repair.
  • the library item has been reserved by others.
  • the library item recalled by the library due to unanticipated needs.
  1. It is advised that renewal through the internet be made at least two working days before the due date to allow time for renewal in the library or return of items in case the renewal is unsuccessful.

Return Rules

  1. Readers can return checkout items to all branches of the Macao Public Library (except Senado Library).
  2. Overdue charge is MOP1.00 per day for each loan item.
  3. Library materials must be returned to library staff, do not place them back on the shelf or leave them in other places.
  4. In case of loss, users will be charged the full cost of the lost item, plus an overdue fine if the item is overdue.
  5. Damaged items need to be returned to the library for reimbursement, and full cost will be charged for the damaged items.
  6. Users will be suspended from borrowing materials if they fail to return library items or pay overdue fines.



  1. School bags, backpacks, luggage and other bags should be stored in the lockers at the entrance of the library or in designated area.
  2. Please read and follow the locker usage instruction before using the locker.
  3. In case of error, please contact our library staff or security guard.
  4. Readers have to keep their wallets, handbags and other valuables. The library will not be responsible for any loss.
  5. Do not store food, drinks and other perishables, or forbidden, flammable, explosive and dangerous goods in the locker.
  6. Please use the locker carefully; in case of vandalism, users will be charged.
  7. Please keep the code slip of your locker and do not reveal it to others. The offender shall be solely responsible for the consequences.
  8. If the reader forgets the passcode or loses the code slip for the locker, the person should ask for assistance for opening the locker at the circulation desk. Our library staff will open the locker in the presence of the reader, and only with confirmation by both parties can the reader retrieve the stored items.
  9. Please retrieve all items in the locker before leaving. The library will clear the lockers every day after closure and it will not be responsible for keeping anything left in the lockers. Valuable stored in the locker will be handled to the police. The library will keep the items temporarily with approval of the library director, and the owners have to present their identity document for verification before collecting the items.
  10. Please keep the environment clean. Used code slips should be put in litter bins.

Last updated: November 2007

Regulations Governing the Use of Multimedia Room and Internet Service

  1. Users have to make registrations or appointments in person for using the Multimedia Room, other forms for making appointments, e.g. call appointments are not accepted.  When making appointments, readers need to show their library cards or identity documents.
  2. Reservations will be cancelled if readers are late for more than 10 minutes.  The priority will be made up for any awaiting users.
  3. Users who leave the seat for more than 10 minutes will be considered as giving up the right to use the service, and new appointment has to be made.
  4. Equipments and seats will be assigned by library staff; unless with specific permission from the library, one set of equipments is to be used by only one user.
  5. Each person can use the Multimedia Room once a day, the maximum duration for using the internet service is 1 hour, while the limit of watching audiovisual materials is 2 hours, each usage is counted on the hour.  If there are no users in queue, the duration of using the internet service can be extended.
  6. Users can borrow USB and DVD-ROM drivers provided by the Library after making registrations, the USB and DVD-ROM drivers must be returned to the staff after use.
  7. Access of indecent websites (e.g. pornographic or violent), online games and gambling are prohibited.
  8. Any damages of the audiovisual material or equipment will be fined according to the price of the item.
  9. Readers who do not comply with the above regulations after being warned twice will be asked to leave the Library.


  1. Reservations should be made two weeks in advance of the group or school visits.
  2. The groups should be led either by a representative or a teacher.
  3. Visitors should keep the environment quiet and clean, pay attention to library facilities and materials.
  4. Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed.
  5. Visitors should observe the arrangements of library staff.



Macao Collection Room 

  1. This reading room is only intended for reading Macao collection;
  2. Do not bring other print materials into this reading room;
  3. Materials in the reading room are for reference only and not for checkout;
  4. Do not take the materials outside the reading room;
  5. Readers can take a maximum of five books from the shelf at one time;
  6. Readers can leave the books on the desk after use;
  7. Registration is needed for assessing Macao information and microfilms in stack;
  8. Please keep quiet in the reading room, eating, drinking, smoking and use of mobile phone are prohibited;
  9. Offenders failing to comply with staff’s advice will be asked to leave..

Last Update:June 2016


Service Hour

(except public holidays)

Number of Users Allowed per Session

Rules for the use of Group Discussion Room

Patane Library


14:00 - 20:00

Tuesday to Sunday
8:00 - 20:00


2-8 people

  1. Reservation of the group discussion room can be made in person or by calling the service counter of the corresponding public library. It can also be made on the same day or up to seven days in advance. Only one time slot can be reserved each time, which will be granted on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Each group can use the study room for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes once a day. If there is no other awaiting group or reservation for the study room, the duration of usage can be further extended with the library’s approval.
  3. Users who have reserved the room should arrive on time.  Reservations will be cancelled if users are late for more than ten minutes, which will need to be made once again, with the priority being made up for  any awaiting users.
  4. Users who leave the room without adequate reason for more than 15 minutes will be deemed to have waived their right of access to the room.
  5. Playing, running, loud conversations and other disturbing behaviours are prohibited  in the group discussion room.
  6. Eating or sleeping is prohibited.
  7. Users are not allowed to sit on the tables or move the tables and chairs in the group discussion room.
  8. Please keep the room clean and take proper care of the facilities. Users shall compensate the library for any damages caused.
  9. Please take care of your belongings. The library is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
  10. The library will terminate users' right to use the room following a violation of the rules or refusal to cooperate after being advised.
  11. Users must comply with all other additional rules defined by the Department of Public Library Management.

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Seac Pai Van Library


The children’s reading room is intended for children’s use. Parents and children are advised to observe the following rules:

  1. Children aged below six should be accompanied by parents;
  2. Food and drinks are not allowed;
  3. Do not use mobile phones; 
  4. Do not make loud noises, run or play;
  5. Place the books back on the shelf or give them to staff after use;
  6. Keep environment clean and use library facilities with care;
  7. Offenders failing to comply with staff advice will be asked to leave.

Last Update: November 2007



Service Hour

Self-Study Area Regulations

Macao Central Library


14:00 - 24:00

Tuesday to Sunday
8:00 - 24:00


  1. The area will be closed temporarily without prior notice if it is reserved for special purposes;
  2. The area will be used for study and reading purposes only;
  3. Keep quiet in the area. Playing, chasing around, noise nuisances and other disturbances  are forbidden.
  4. Smoking, eating, drinking or sleeping will not be permitted in the study room
  5. Readers who violate the regulations and do not follow the advice of our staff will be asked to leave the room.

Patane Library

Taipa Library

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

14:00 - 20:00

Tuesday to Sunday
8:00 - 20:00

(except public holidays)

Ilha Verde Library


Charges for Photocopying and Printing

Charges for Photocopying, Microfilm Printing and Computer Printing


Unit Price (MOP)

A4 black-and-white


A4 colour


A3 black-and-white


A3 colour



Charges for Microfilm Copying(MOP)


Unit Price

Full Roll





Minimum charge: 50.00




Minimum charge: 60.00