Hello! Thank you very much for your participation in the "BookCrossing" activity. For the books and periodicals you have delivered, the Department of Public Library Management has the following regulations. Thank you!


Rules for the "BookCrossing" Activity of Public Libraries in Macao

In order to effectively handle the books collected for the "BookCrossing" activity, the Department of Public Library Management (hereinafter referred to as "the Department") has formulated the following rules:

  1. According to the established book collection principle of libraries, the books collected will not be included in the "BookCrossing" activity by the Department under any of the following circumstances:
  1. Expired content, or that of little academic or reference value (e.g.) obsolete books (published more than 10 years ago), study guideline, textbooks, event brochures, books for infants or toddlers, non-local yearbook, law books and exam preparation materials;
  2. Science and technology books that were published more than 5 years ago;
  3. Computer books that were published more than 3 years ago;
  4. Travel guides that were published more than 2 years ago;
  5. Pirated books or those that infringe copyright;
  6. Religious books that have a proselytizing nature;
  7. Books with indecent or violent content;
  8. Dilapidated books;
  9. Incomplete book collections;
  10. Books with insecure binding, or with shedding or missing book pages;
  11. Smeared books.

2.    After citizens place books in the collection boxes set up for the "BookCrossing" activity, they will be deemed to have participated in the activity and given up the right to relevant items. Upon the completion of basic screening and handling, all the books will be put into the BookCrossing stations set up in various public places.

3.    The Department will follow the rules and procedures of the activity for handling and affix a specific label for the "BookCrossing" activity to each book or each piece of material at the same time.

4.    The Department reserves the right of final disposal of the books and materials collected for the "BookCrossing" activity, including distribution to libraries, transfer, elimination or other disposal methods.

5.    The Department reserves the right to amend and update the regulations herein should they be inadequate.


Location of BookCrossing Stations:




Macao Central Library

Av. Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida N.º 89 A-B, Macau

2855 8049

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Largo de Santo Agostinho N.º 3, Macau

2837 7117

Patane Library

Rua da Ribeira do Patane, N.os 69-81, Macau

2825 9220

Ilha Verde Library

Av. Concórdia N.º 281, Edf. “May Fair Garden” II Fase, 4º andar, Macau

2822 5783

Taipa Library

Rua de Seng Tou, Parque Central da Taipa, 1a Cave, Taipa

2884 3105

Seac Pai Van Library

Av. Vale das Borboletas, Complexo Comunitário de Seac Pai Van, 6˚ andar, Coloane

2826 1631

Parenting Education Centre (Lago)

Estrada Coronel Nicolau de Mesquita, Edificío do Lago, zona A, 2º andar C

2850 0218

Centre of Moral Education

Rua Nova de Toi San, Edificio Litoral, 2º andar, Macau

2840 3200

Centre of Educational Psychological Counselling & Special Education

Rua Formosa, n.° 31, 2.º e 4.º andar, Macau

2851 3707


Date of data update: Feb 2021