Project Concept


In order to promote the sustainable development of the library and to cater to the needs of several generations, the New Central Library project will focus on the library’s flexibility, in terms of its spaces, functions and transit routes. Case studies in Mainland China and overseas will be used as reference and the construction regulations of library buildings will be strictly observed, with a view to offering the city the ideal reading room.


The new Central Library of Macao project which is under development will be divided into three sections, namely a section for the library collection, a public section and a technical support section, including:

  • Reading area of books in Chinese and foreign languages
  • Reading area of newspapers and periodicals
  • Multimedia area
  • ISBN Centre
  • Special collections stacks/Rare books reading room
  • Macao Publications & Government Documents area
  • Children & Parent-child area
  • Teen zone
  • Digital Library
  • Service area for visually impaired
  • 24-hour self-service station
  • Exhibition room
  • Multipurpose conference room
  • Bookshop
  • Café
  • Podium garden
  • Leisure area