New Central Library Project

Site Selection

  1. New Central Library Site Selection Indicators 
    • Reference to the professional comments included in the Final Report of Studies in New Central Library Project completed in 2006;
    • The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) recommends that the Central Library “should be located at the city centre in medium and small cities”;
    • The Macao SAR Government determines the site of the New Central Library according to criteria such as practicality, cultural and historical significance of the land plot, cultural value of the building as well as residents’ accessibility to the transport network.
  2. Plot located between the Old Court Building and the Former Judiciary Police Building
    • Located at the city centre:
      • Located in a populated area, facilitating access by residents and attracting a wide variety of readers;
      • The area enhances the cultural spirit of the city and is integrated into the daily lives of residents;
      • The library complements other commercial buildings, as well as artistic and cultural facilities in the area;
      • There are many studies by scholars in the library field, about public libraries located in the city centre;
      • Most of the world's famous central libraries are located in the city centre, including the Main Branch of the New York Public Library (U.S.A.), The Seattle Central Library (U.S.A.), the Vancouver Central Library (Canada), The Library of Birmingham (United Kingdom), the Liverpool Central Library (United Kingdom), the Stuttgart City Library (Germany), the Amsterdam Central Library (The Netherlands), the Helsinki Central Library (Finland), the Gifu City Central Library (Japan), the Hong Kong Central Library (HKSAR China), among others.
    • Practical land plot:
      • The land plot is square-shaped, which is favourable to the arrangement and management of the functional areas.
    • Historical significance:
      • The plot is located at the east entrance of the Historic Centre of Macao and the junction of Macao’s new and old urban areas. It is thus of strong cultural and historical significance;
      • Recognised as a “building of architectural interest”, the Old Court Building has great cultural value, complementing the Former Judiciary Police Building, which is built in eclectic style.
    • Comprehensive transportation network:
      • The area is equipped with an extensive transportation network with a number of public and private carparks nearby. A future Macao LRT station will also be located close by.