New Central Library Project

Functions and Tasks of the Macao Central Library

Core of the Macao Public Library Network
The resources and technology that support the Macao Public Library lead to the introduction of information technology and service philosophies of public libraries in Mainland China and overseas, promoting professional training and research in information technology for libraries and enhancing librarians’ professionalism, as well as the service quality at the Macao Public Library.

Macao Deposit Library
The collection and storing of Macao documents is one of the main tasks of the Central Library, which is responsible for the implementation of the Legal Deposit System (Decree-Law), for the comprehensive and systematic collection, preservation and study of Macao documents, for the development of a bibliographic catalogue and a bibliographic database of Macao documents, as well as for the storage and cataloguing of Macao publications for research purposes.

Serve Citizens of Different Age Groups
In order to keep up with social developments, the Library provides technical conditions for the dissemination of knowledge, combining physical and digital collections and services to meet the needs of people of all age groups and educational backgrounds, in the fields of education, research, access to information, personal development, entertainment and leisure.

Create a social reading environment and lay the foundation for a learning society
To inspire creativity, create a culture of innovation, help citizens to develop their ability of using information technology and to improve their self-learning skills, encourage lifetime learning and enhance the city’s competitiveness.

Transmission of cultural heritage and dissemination of knowledge
Apart from being the centre for transmission of cultural heritage and for dissemination of knowledge, the Central Library is also a place for citizens to absorb cultural nutrients, cultivating the international perspective, increasing knowledge and serves as a cultural educational gathering place for individuals and groups.

Support cultural, literary, artistic and scientific development in Macao
Strengthen the cultural function of the library by providing a space for holding cultural events, create conditions for the development of a cultural dialogue and support a variety of cultural and artistic activities.

Organizing international exchange of publications on behalf of the MSAR
Responsible for carrying out the international exchange of publications programme, through which, local publications, especially the government publications, are to be used for exchange with libraries of Mainland China and overseas, so as to satisfy the mutual needs and to strengthen connections between libraries.