In order to present the New Macao Central Library to citizens, in addition to organizing exhibitions at the Old Court Building, the Macao Central Library and the Taipa Library, the Cultural Affairs Bureau also organized several guided tours, presentations and seminars on the exhibitions aimed at schools and groups, with the number of participants reaching over one thousand.


From November to December 2016, the Cultural Affairs Bureau was invited to present the New Central Library project to teachers and students at various primary and secondary schools. The Bureau also developed exchanges in the form of seminars with various associations, in order to discuss multiple topics of public interest, including budget, site selection, heritage preservation, library functions, among others. With regard to the New Central Library project, the Cultural Affairs Bureau held an exchange session in September 2016 at the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library and was invited to participate in a clarification session and a debate in the Legislative Assembly in October 2016 and in February 2017, which were attended by professional communities, Macao citizens, members of the media and members of the Legislative Assembly.