Revitalization of Old Buildings

Revitalization and Reuse of Buildings

The main cultural value of the Old Court Building lies in its artistic features and characteristics in architecture, which represent the typical style of the era in which it was built. By planning the construction of the New Central Library at this particular site occupied by this building, the Macao SAR Government is responsible for ensuring the relevant design will not derogate the relevant values and characteristics, otherwise it shall positively manifest and enhance them, in order to maintain, inherit, and sustain the artistic features and characteristics in architecture to bring positive impact on the preservation and inheritance of the building.


To this end, the Cultural Affairs Bureau will protect the Old Court Building, and develop the New Central Library project in strict accordance with the Cultural Heritage Protection Law. Among the considerations, the Old Court Building will not be demolished, and all the current architectural elements and characteristics with unique style and cultural value will be completely preserved. Meanwhile, the new architectural space and elements to be added and proposed will be carefully pursued, inherited and developed from the aspects of architectural art and urban design. On the other hand, the revitalization and reuse of the building must meet the functional requirements of modern central libraries in the new era, comply with applicable construction regulations and guidelines, as well as meeting the expectations of the citizens regarding public cultural spaces in the modern days.