Public Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau Introduces Security Measures for Account Access


       With the purpose of enhancing cyber security, the Public Library of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has introduced security measures for readers accessing accounts. Starting from today, readers are required to create a personal account name and password as instructed when logging in to their online accounts with the Public Library of IC, and a verification code will be sent to the registered mobile phone number or email address of the readers for account verification. Once the login credential is set, it will not be possible to change the account name. If readers are unable to receive the SMS or email verification code, they may change their personal contact information by visiting the service counters at all branch libraries under IC, or by using the integrated self-service kiosks of the Identification Service Bureau.

       For the smooth access of readers to their accounts under the security measures, a transition period from now until 31 August 2024 will be implemented by the Public Library of IC. During the transition period, readers can still skip the setup steps and continue to log in with their original account names and passwords. The Public Library of IC urges all readers to complete the setup before the end of the transition period to assure continued access to the online services of the Public Library.

       For enquiries, please contact the Macao Central Library (2855 8049) or the Taipa Library (2884 3105) during counter service hours of the Public Library of IC.


Department of Public Library Management of the Cultural Affairs Bureau