Service adjustment of Senado Library

Senado Library

 In order to better preserve ancient books and materials and optimize the use of space in the library, the Senado Library, under the auspices of the Department of Public Library Management of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will adjust its service from1st March (Monday). The library, including its reading area of newspapers and periodicals, was adjusted to allow guided tours and access to the special collections, by appointment only.

  The Senado Library, which opened in 1929, features a total area of 454.9 square meters and specializes in the collection of foreign rare books from the 17th to mid-20th century, as well as Portuguese newspapers from the late 19th and early 20th century. The library houses a collection of approximately 20,000 volumes, 121 species of binding back-issue newspapers and periodicals, which includes a large number of valuable books, covering about two-thirds of the library’s space. The new service model will help optimize the storage space of Senado Library, further improve the storage environment of the precious rare book collection, and provide more specialized services for the public who visit and consult the ancient books. For guided tours, for those who have research purposes and for access to the special collections, please download the application form from the Macao Public Library website ( and submit the application five working days in advance by visiting the library in person (Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, located at No. 3, Largo de Santo Agostinho), by email ( or by fax (2831 4456).

  The Macao Public Library will continue to optimize its library services and resources, and enhance the reading experience of the public. For reservations and enquiries, please contact the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library (2893 0077) or the Senado Library (2857 2233) during office hours. For information on various library services, please visit the Macao Public Library website or the mobile application “My Library”.