Macao Library Week 2018

To echo the ‘World Book Day’ on 23 April, a series of activities have been organised jointly by Macao Public Library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau , Library of the University of Macau and the Macao Library & Information Management Association. The activities of Macao Library Week 2018 will be themed “Reading Brings People Together” to promote reading culture in the city.

Reading starts with individuals and is a self-learning process that can draw us closer to our favourites through the acquisition of knowledge. Reading builds our way to the world with books serving as the bridge. Reading gathers like-minded people and inspires their journey of looking for a spiritual common ground. Reading also brings hours of family pleasure, with their hearts getting imperceptibly close through the brief but touching moments. Reading opens doors to knowledge and leads to a better understanding of the folkways and landscapes of different regions worldwide, thus drawing people closer to each other, to knowledge and to the world.