“The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring.” Spring is the season for sowing seeds. Approaching late spring, do you have an annual plan setting the tone for physical and mental nourishment in the Year of the Ox through reading?

Before making your plan, why not read the “Feature” section “Nourishment of Reading” in this issue of Library Newsletter? From the perspective of communication studies, spiritual growth and energy release techniques, three senior writers from different fields share with us from their personal experiences how to achieve the second spiritual ascension and discover a new self from the inside out through reading. Meanwhile, the “Feature” also recommends a number of library collections carrying the function of “nourishing.” Read one book a month and by the end of the year, you can check if there are some changes in your intrinsic quality, that is the magical effect that “reading changes lives.”

The “Calligraphy Writing — Workshop on Creative Calligraphy & Compound Chinese Characters,” held by the Macao Public Library, invited Debbie Tai, a visual arts educator in Macao, as the instructor. The “Library Portrait” in this issue features an interview with Debbie, where she shares how to study Chinese characters from different perspectives, appreciate the subtleties of Chinese characters, and observe the profoundness of Chinese characters through practising calligraphy.

The “Library Handbook” recommends a vivid and interesting new column, “Behind the Library,” introducing the actual work duties and stories of a number of librarians working in obscurity. The “Author’s Say” reveals the little secret behind the picture book Acts and Deeds created by Lin Ge, a rising local illustrator. It turns out that the protagonist “0” of this comic, who has been with his fans for many years, is an idea generated when Lin Ge was between jobs.

“Knowledges obtained on the papers always feel shallow, must know this thing to practice.” We should take advantage of the spring season to combine our knowledge with practice, and apply the nutrients we have obtained from books to our daily lives. Let’s do it together!