Thirst can be fatal, while hunger can be endured. Water is an important life-sustaining element, only second to air. Since ancient times, water resources have been playing a constraining and directing role for the development of human society. When H2O became a necessity in life, “drinks” came into being. The “drinking” culture has served as an irreplaceable nutritional element to the development of diet, without it, foods would be dry and tasteless. In modern society, all kinds of drinks are enriching people’s senses of food in all-round aspects, creating a value more than their own. As put in A History of the World in Six Glasses, beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and cola weigh more than their physical forms as they are used in various occasions, e.g. as a currency, in religious rituals, as a symbol of political partiality, an inspiration for philosophy and arts, affecting the course of world history.

Since drinks are so important, there are quite a number of books and magazines talking about them. Today, we will explore a little bit more behind the creating of “drinking” culture.