Sir Robert Ho Tung


Sir Robert Ho Tung’s Biography


Sir Robert Ho Tung (1862-1956), whose given name was Kai Tung and style name Xiaosheng, was a comprador, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Born in Hong Kong to British Dutch father Charles Henry Maurice Bosman and a Chinese mother surnamed Sze, he was raised there by his mother. As he grew up in Hong Kong and studied at the Government Central School (later named Queen’s College, a secondary school in Hong Kong), he was greatly influenced by Chinese culture.

Sir Robert Ho Tung’s Life in Macao


Separated by only a strip of water, both Macao and Hong Kong are places where Eastern and Western cultures meet and where Chinese and people from different countries live side by side. Born in Hong Kong, Sir Robert Ho Tung always needed to travel for business, so he naturally built a close relationship with Macao.