Architectural Features

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library comprises two buildings with one established over a century earlier than the other. Both the architectural design and the garden layout of the library have manifested the cultural characteristics of blending the old and the new and harmonious coexistence within diversity, while underscoring the design concept of highlighting both traditional and modern as well as natural and artificial features.


The Old Building


Established before 1894 and opened to the public in 1958, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is surrounded by two serene gardens in the forecourt and backyard, serving as a presentation of history, culture and architectural interest combined.

The New Building


In 2002, the Cultural Affairs Bureau decided to construct adjacent to the backyard garden a new library building based upon the principle of conserving historic architecture and integrating modern public library functions. The new building, after four years of construction, was open to the public later in 2006.

The Garden Layout


Basically, the layout of Sir Robert Ho Tung Library remains the same after the expansion project that only added a pond and a fountain in the backyard garden.