Spring is the season for reading. As mentioned in the diary of the great writer Lu Xun, in the Spring Festival of 1913, he “went to the book fair four times and bought 60 books”. Buying 60 books in one go! He was indeed the epitome of book shopaholic. In April, still beginning of the Year of the Dragon, let us follow the footsteps of the famous writer and be bold to embark on a reading journey of our own. By building up passion for reading every day, it will be time to reap the harvest when winter arrives.

This issue features “Read Fun, Love More”, which is not only in line with the theme of the 2024 “4‧23 Reading Day in the City of Macao”, but also tie in with the “City of Reading” policy advocated by the SAR Government. The Public Library of the Cultural Affairs Bureau are improving their hardware and software facilities and launching a wide variety of promotional activities to create a reading atmosphere for everyone. Three “reading lovers” from different industries in Macao recommended some nice books that have changed their lives, linked up the library collection with the public to read together, sharing the joy of their first encounter with books. They followed the guidance of the books and integrated the thoughts of the books into the long river of life, in response to the joy in their hearts, and eventually reach a state of “blossoming” delight.

In addition, the title of the book Author’s Say also conveys the meaning of fun reading – “A Song to Relieve a Thousand Sorrows”, a richly illustrated series of oral history in which the life of Mr. Au Kwan-cheung, the master of Macao’s intangible culture Deishui Naamyam, a Cantonese Folk, is vividly depicted. The “Library Handbook” of this issue aggregates a wealth of contents that aims to create an immersive atmosphere around the “City of Reading”. In addition to revealing how the rare books, which have been residing in the high shelves deep inside the book chamber, were digitised through the skilful hands of library staff, it also demonstrates the promising results of the “Book for Book” activity held in March. At the same time, it calls for active participation of local entities to serve as reading points for the “4‧23 Reading Day in the City of Macao”. Be it an individual or a group, everyone can contribute to the beauty of city-wide reading in Macao in your preferred ways.As the gentle spring has arrived, bring your “fun” reading mood and join us on this journey of love and passion for reading!