In 2017, Books and the City, same as the Patane Library, the protagonist of this issue, is presenting a new look to its readers.

If we regard an old house as a body combined by  people, time and memories, then we can regard this magazine as the intersection of readers’ thoughts, the content of the magazine and reading time. A house  carries the weight of time, the time begins to flow when we walk into this house. The new magazine has also been designed for the flow of its contents. Have you noticed? When you begin to read, as time goes by, your thoughts is moving forward, galloping nonstop, or even soaring to great heights, beyond the limits of space and reality.

Having adopted "The Aesthetics of Urban Reading" as a new slogan, and in order to present the theme in a more concrete and vivid way, the magazine traces the history of the Patane Library. Following the remarkable transformations of the building over time, from its early beginnings, when Macao was only a small fishing village, all the way to the present day. Although weather-beaten, the building evokes the image of a young lady of noble descent, with a pure and innocent heart, whose experienced soul presents a stark contrast to her fresh and youthful features, inviting the busy citizens to take a break and enjoy a good book. This kind of beauty possess both classical style and contemporary spirit, making this library an unique reading landscape in Macao.

For exclusive interview, we invited Sio, the author of the recently published book Beyond The Boundless Sky - The Journey Of My Heart, to share the story behind her book with our readers. Sio overcomes geographical boundaries in her demand for the intrepid beauty of spiritual freedom, delving deeply into books and creating a spiritual resonance in readers.

Moreover, in April, we welcome Macao Library Week, a long-anticipated event for all book lovers. The theme of this year will be “Reading and Images”, focusing on widening people's horizons of reading through a series of activities that no one wants to miss .